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 Hello, I’m Deb Bucci, PhD, nurse, coach, consultant. After more than 25 years with top 500 organizations, I made a deliberate change to serve nonprofits and communities in need of my help and expertise. The folks I’m working with, maybe even like you, leave work every day tired, burned out, and overwhelmed. It is not only the job. Physical and mental health worries, stressful caretaker obligations, financial concerns, and other personal and professional stressors are taking a toll. This impacts our workforce, our organizations, and our world. 

Whether you’re working onsite in an essential business, working from your kitchen table, home-schooling kids, or caring for loved ones, it’s important - critically really – to build time and space every day for recovery. It’s something we should do regardless of pandemics or crises. Sometimes, recovering only takes two minutes. It is important to understand what is zapping our energy and what restores it. When in the middle of chaos, it is often difficult to see both sides of this energy spectrum. Sound familiar? What does energy recovery look like for you? Let's chat.



Strengthening professional presence

Navigating change

Positioning and preparing for your next life phase


Envisioning and grounding to pursue life goals

Engaging more powerful communication skills

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Deb is absolutely fantastic! Her warmth and sincerity translates into every session and conversation, even when held virtually due to COVID. She’s proven to be such a valuable resource for our employees and artists, giving them tools and strategies to help navigate these ever changing times. Whether it’s in an individual or group session, Deb always makes sure to address everyone’s specific needs with thought and care.

 Jackie Huang

Sr. Talent Development Manager, Cartoon Network Studios

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