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Live Well.

Wellness is a term most often defined from a physical health perspective, thinking in terms of ailments or pain that are often felt or identified. Wellness though, is a step above the simple term of health, and while ‘good health’ is important, the lifestyles led in current times mean that the wellness awareness is at a critical level of importance.


A Note From Deb 

A new decade in a corporate culture environment means more stress, more responsibility, and less time to take care of your whole self as a human being. Performing well in a business environment  requires us to be whole and resilient while engaging with our fullest energy. I offer my clients pathways to achieve results and live a healthy rewarding life – providing practices, tools, and strategies not only to live well but also to lead well. I combine a lifelong interest in health and fitness with a commitment to learning and teaching, nurturing growth and transformation for my clients.

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Looking for a group, department, or company-wide offering? Deb provides corporate services relating to performance, wellness, and caregiver support at work, off-site locations, or video conferencing to protect employees’ privacy.


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